Orthopantomogram is a panoramic radiograph of both dental arches and surrounding structures. The development of digital radiography lowered the radiation doses that patients are exposed to and reduced the time wasted processing x-ray film.

At 2 DENT polyclinic, we provide digital OPG with minimum radiation exposure and after the procedure you will get dental images on CD.


Radiovisiography is a digital intraoral radiographic imaging system using a sensor instead of a film. The sensor replaces the conventional dental x-ray film and it is possible to make a periapical, occlusal and bitewing image.

The images are displayed on a monitor and their size and clarity allow for the determination of correct diagnosis, which is not possible using the classical x-ray machine.

CBCT – Cone Beam Computed Tomography

CBCT is a medical imaging technique that provides three-dimensional ( 3 D ) images in three planes – coronal, sagittal and axial, namely it provides an image of width, height and thickness of the scanned structures (bones and other tissues), which is very important in clinical practice, and an inevitable diagnostic method in modern dental medicine.
Given its possibilities, CBCT as a diagnostic method finds many uses in dentistry.

CBCT indications:

  • planning and monitoring in implant and prosthetic therapy
  • orthodontic treatment planning and monitoring
  • endodontic treatment planning
  • cysts and tumors of the oral cavity and sinuses
  • diagnosing inflammation
  • jaw traumas
  • congenital and acquired malformations, i.e. jaw and tooth abnormalities
  • impacted teeth
  • fractures of the jaw and facial bones
  • mandibular nerve detection
  • residual root detection
  • temporomandibular joint pathology

CBCT scanning of teeth and jaw is performed every afternoon. Schedule your appointment by phone at

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Initial examinations

usually last up to 30 minutes so it is necessary to schedule your appointment to avoid unnecessary waiting. At the first examination, you will get information on the condition of your teeth, jaws, jaw joints, gums, and oral mucosa, chewing muscles and a dental report. At the first examination, we will propose a dental therapy plan to achieve the ultimate goal: healthy mouth and teeth, functional chewing system and, naturally, a nice smile.